Content update 1.1: Endless Mode and new content

Here it is: the first content update for Beyond the Chiron Gate! This update adds eleven new discoveries, five new events, and the ability to continue in "endless mode" after winning the game.

The discoveries and events have varying levels of rarity. You'll probably see at least one or two of them in a single playthrough, but the rarer ones might take several games to see.

Endless mode allows you to keep exploring after winning the game. The Gate is stabilised and you have an unlimited number of gate trips, but the game is otherwise the same. You can't save new high scores or record achievements in endless mode.

I didn't include Endless Mode in the original release because I thought it was more fun to start a new game than keep playing after winning. To be honest I still think that, but a lot of people have requested an endless mode so I've decided to give the public what they want.

Also, this update includes a few bug fixes that I didn't think were major enough to warrant a bug fix update.

Patch notes (1.1.0):

New content:

  • Post-victory Endless Mode
  • 5 new events
  • 11 new discoveries

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed several cases where extinct life forms could be described as if they were still living
  • Fixed missing description for forest-dwelling animals
  • Fixed civilisation generator not taking into account star and system traits
  • Fixed event choice not taking into account star traits
  • Fixed several typos


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Aug 22, 2022
Aug 22, 2022 78 MB
Aug 22, 2022
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Aug 22, 2022

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