Bug fix update 1.0.1

I've just uploaded version 1.0.1, which fixes a few bugs.


* Fixed name display bug in "Journey to the Centre Of..." event

* Fixed missing HTML tag in "Radio Contact" event

* Fixed typos in "Wormhole Lattice", "Friendly Advice", and "Trapped" events

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Just started to play, noticed I don’t have any sound. All other audio on my system works.

It’s a Linux Kubuntu 20.04 desktop system with headphones (USB cable). I tried restarting the app (launch via itch desktop app), and restart my systems’ plasmashell, all to no avail.

Looking into the games’ directory, I see the track names are capitalised and with spaces - do you refer to them as lower case, maybe? Windows gives more leeway than Linux on that matter.

Let me know if you prefer to handle that on some other place!


I'm afraid I don't know what's happening here. I can confirm it's not capitalisation of the track names -- I had that problem with one track during development, but I fixed it so it should all work on Linux. The browser version won't play audio until you've interacted with the page in some way, but once you've clicked on something it should start.

The only thing I can think of is that's something to do with the itch desktop app. Maybe try downloading the file directly from the web page rather than using the itch app?

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It indeed is related to the itch.io app, opening the index.html in browser worked and provided also audio. Re-downloading is actually not required (just mentioning for other people running into that problem).

Thanks for the super quick response!

Edit: Deleted the boring system stuff out of my initial post for brevity. Also opened a github issue for that.