Bug fix update 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 fixes more bugs, improves the display on small screens, and adds a music volume control.


Small screen display improvements:

* Title screen buttons shrink and wrap better

* New game confirm/cancel buttons no longer overlap when above one another

* "Six specialities" link in intro will stay together when text wraps

* Layout of system select table will adapt to narrow screens

* Layout of crew select table will adapt to narrow screens

* Upgrade Install buttons and crew member Recruit buttons no longer overlap cost on narrow screens

* Records table "Ending" column is hidden on narrow screens (ending is still visible when viewing a particular record)

Bug fixes:

* "Newly formed planet" and "Extrasolar capture" traits can no longer happen together

* Civ description no longer mentions the "surface" of a gas giant being radioactive

* Fixed script error in "Alien Research Data" where game could try to injure a non-existent crew member

* Fixed a bug in the endgame where fuel and damage status bar elements could fail to update

* Fixed several "undescribed trait" errors

* Fixed various typos


* Added music volume controls


btcg_browser.zip 78 MB
May 10, 2022
btcg_mac.zip 163 MB
May 10, 2022
btcg_win.exe 161 MB
May 10, 2022

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